Lees Yunits Yoga

Our bodies crave fitness and well-being.  Our minds long for stability, excellence and comfort.  Our souls cry out for connection and love.  Are we living the yoga life yet?  Maybe not!

Welcome to my website! My name is Lees Yunits, and I am a yoga teacher with decades of experience.  Like other yoga teachers, my intention is to instruct you in basic yoga poses, breath awareness, and simple meditations.  THESE THINGS WORK!

Yoga increases flexibility, makes us aware of our actions, and creates space and meaning in our lives.  What  I do is guide you through the infinite possibilities!

This site is a calling card for those in the Cape Cod/Massachusetts region.  Please use it as a way to contact me if/when you're looking for a consult, a private class, or if you are curious about my workshops and retreats. I will do my best to help you!