Your body craves fitness and well-being; your mind longs for stability, excellence and comfort; your breath is erratic, out of balance, maybe not even a passing thought.  What kind of life is this?  And what can you do about it?  

Welcome to my website!  I am Lees Breckinridge Dunn Yunits, or Lees Yunits, a yoga teacher, with decades of experience, who has recently achieved an E-RYT 500 status. (Experienced - Registered Yoga Teacher at the 500-hour level). My classes are in the North Easton and Brockton areas of Massachusetts.  Like thousands of other yoga teachers, my intention is to instruct you in basic yoga poses, breath awareness, and simple meditations.  Also, like the others, I hope to keep teaching you, year in and year out, as we evolve through this world together.  

In addition, I have produced several CDs of original music, written a book ("We, the Mayor" - a memoir about my ten-year stint as a mayor's wife), raised four children, and obtained certification to guide Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra.  Yoga has been with me all the way, and more prominently these last 9 years of teaching. hatha, yin and kundalini. 

Yoga will, over time, increase the flexibility of your tight body, make you aware of your every day actions, create more dimension and meaning in your existence, and hopefully, become your lifelong companion.

Come with me!  Take my classes if you're nearby.  Read my page.  Email me.  Ask me questions.  Yoga is fun and wholesome.  Do it a lot or a little.  It might just amaze you!